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The Best Scooters for Young Professionals

Posted by Barshawn Lopez on

Busy professionals working in highly developed cities will understand the woes of battling traffic or navigating a complex and often unreliable public transport system. With scooters becoming more affordable every year, a growing number of young professionals are turning to electric and gas powered scooters as an efficient means of transport.

For anyone looking to invest in a scooter in 2018, whether it’s the modern electric type, or a more traditional gas powered scooter; these are the points to consider when looking for the best scooters.

Gas or Electric?

Gas powered scooters are convenient and you’ll always be able to top up on fuel at a filling station. Gas scooters traditionally have a longer operating life, because many of the key components are replaceable and repairable. The downside to owning a gas scooter is that there are more maintenance requirements, and this could add to the cost of ownership over a period of a few years.

Alternatively, there are plenty of modern electric scooters that use rechargeable battery cells. They typically offer range that allows for a daily commute, and they can be recharged from mains outlets (sometimes with an adaptor, depending on the scooter model and power). The standard advertised range for a small electric scooter or motorcycle is 50 miles. These scooters require less maintenance than a gas model, but may require replacement within 10 years. Brakes and other running parts can be maintained, but the engine and battery will require replacement at end of life.

Choose the Right Scooter for the Right Roads

Small scooters and motorcycles are typically suited only for suburban and urban areas. Due to their size and speed restrictions, scooters are not suitable for secondary roads and highways. This can be overcome by purchasing a slightly larger gas powered motorcycle above 250cc, but this will increase the cost, and a motorcycle will be more difficult for beginners to ride. The flat bottom scooter design is a significant part of the appeal, and is perfect for inner-city environments.

Consider Range, Type, and Size Whenever Buying a New Scooter

To get between home and work, and to run daily errands, a scooter can be a great investment. Always consider the range of the scooter and the distance between your home and place of work. If the range is likely to exceed 50 miles of daily riding, then a gas powered scooter could be your best option. Also think about the size of the scooter, because you’ll want something that is easy to manage while navigating busy roads.

Buying a scooter can free you from the restrictions of the public transport system, or it could simply be a more economical and greener way to travel, leaving your car for longer trips or for commuting in bad weather.



 META: Learn about the best types of scooters for young professionals. Should you choose gas, electric, or do you need a larger motorcycle for longer trips?

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