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How to overcome the fear of riding an electric scooter

Posted by Barshawn Lopez on

You’re not alone if fear is keeping you from riding an electric scooter.  Most beginners are anxious when it comes to riding an E-scooter.  Fortunately, like in life there are ways to overcome your fear of something which is by doing it!  Riding an e-scooter is no different. It’s just a matter of time before you get used to your scooter and learn to use it properly. Your fear won’t go away overnight, so it’s important to have patience. Here are some tips that you might find useful:


Just like everything else, E-scooter riding takes practice. The more you ride, the better you get at it. Practice on your lunch break, after work, or whenever you have some free time. Take your E-scooter out in the parking lot or in the backyard to practice your skills. I like to practice in a parking lot so that I could practice turning.

Look at the Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to riding an electric scooter, such as greater energy, increased confidence, stress relief, and excitement.  No more taking the bus or a cab to and from the train station if you live in a two fair zone and have the dreaded last mile commute. Not only is it a fun activity, but  also burns calories, supports cardiovascular health, and boosts your endurance. Plus it's a good way to save money on gas and reduce pollution.

Keep Track

There are several apps and gadgets that monitor your distance, speed, and miles. These programs make it easier to track your progress and watch the miles adding up. They are also useful in comparing routes and reaching your destination. If you live in a big city or have to ride long distances, use technology to your advantage. This will boost your confidence and help you avoid traffic jams.

Have Fun

Start to make some advances towards the fear. keeping your fear factor in mind, ride your bike with all safety precautions and utmost care.  Riding an electric scooter is fun. Once you conquer your fear, you’ll see how great it feels to explore the city on your new bike. You can use this means of transportation to visit your friends, go to school, and discover new places. Try to see it as a fun activity, not as a burden. Your only job is to relax and enjoy the ride!




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