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How to make your Electric Scooter battery last

Posted by Barshawn Lopez on

Who doesn't want the most out of what they paid for?  Now that you have gone ahead and bought one of the many top notch scooters from and want to look after it properly, we've got you covered. With a well-maintained and well-cared for battery, it's life will be extended and add your e-scooter's overall value and help it  to cover every inch of the maximum distance it can reach.  A typical scooter battery can offer 300 to 400 charging and discharging battery cycles. This allows the battery to last for at least two to three years. Once they reach the maximum number of cycles, they will have to be replaced. Here are for the best tips on how to maintain your electric scooter's battery.

Charge your scooter battery after every use. This will allow you to maximize the battery life.  Never leave your battery partially charged for several hours as partially charged batteries will significantly reduce  its battery life. This is because oxidation will gradually reduce the ability of the battery plates to store charge that will eventually lead to its death. To prevent this from happening, make sure to charge the battery after every use of the electric scooter.

If the Scooter is Stored, Recharge the Battery Every 3 Months. If the electric scooter is going to be stored for a long period of time or for the winter, disconnect the battery from the vehicle. Then charge it to 100% at least every three months to eliminate the risk of oxidation which again can greatly affect its battery life as well as the maximum distance it can cover.

Keep the Battery from Extreme Temperatures.  Extremely hot or cold temperatures can shorten the lifespan of a scooter battery.  If at all possible  much as possible don’t store it in cold or hot places. There are also safety issues as batteries are combustible.   Also, keep in mind that you should not store the battery on a concrete or metal surface because they are conductive which will discharge the battery at a faster rate.



Taking care of an electric scooter battery life requires the proper way of charging which is indicated on the scooter’s user manual. Getting into these good habits will allow your scooter to do what it made to do, which is to stay on the road.  Good riding!



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