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How to Maintain an Electric Scooter

Posted by Barshawn Lopez on

The popularity of electric scooters has been steadily increasing due to its wide audience range. They appeal to people of all ages; not matter what gender or size they are. Plus, people who are eco conscious are gravitating towards electric scooters because they do not add to their carbon footprint. But keep in mind that electric scooters are not infallible. Therefore, you must perform regular maintenance tasks to promote longevity and improved performance. Here are some practical guidelines on how to maintain an electric scooter.

Check and Change the Oil

Like other motorized devices, electric scooters require oil to run efficiently. As part of your maintenance schedule, you should be checking oil on a regular basis to assess its condition and level. If you notice the oil level to be significantly lower than what the manufacturer recommends, its engine functionality and performance will begin to decline. In addition, the oil tends to collect debris such as metal filings from normal wear and tear of the internal engine components. To avoid any damage to your engine we recommend changing the oil every 300 miles or as advised in the owner’s manual. This maintenance tip is imperative to keeping your scooter running for years to come.

Inspect Tires for Damage

Tires are a critical component of all motorized vehicles, including electric scooters. If they fail, you may sustain a serious injury and damage your scooter. Therefore, you should check each tire to make sure they’re at the manufactures recommended pressure. Although there are numerous scooter manufacturers, the typical recommended pressure is 30 psi for the front tire and 32 psi for the rear. You should also check each tire for apparent signs of wear such as rotting, cracking and tread wear, and replace as necessary.

Maintain the Battery

The batteries installed in electric scooters can provide great service for two or three years when maintained properly. You should never neglect these components and assume that you will have sufficient power to keep your scooter running. The most important battery maintenance tip is to keep it charged. You should do this after every ride. Ideally, you should wait at least thirty minutes for the battery to cool down before charging to avoid overheating. If your scooter is in storage for a while, remember to charge the battery at least once every three months to keep it healthy. When it is finally time to replace your scooter batteries, it’s always smart to choose the same brand for consistent performance.


In addition to the outlined maintenance guidelines, make sure to check the brakes, brake pads and air filter as well. If you suspect something is wrong, do not hesitate to inspect or consult a professional repair shop. By following these simple maintenance steps, you can be sure that your scooter will perform like it was new for years to come.

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