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Electric Scooters – Your Solution for the Last Mile Commute

Posted by Barshawn Lopez on

Electric Scooters – Your Solution for the Last Mile Commute

If you’ve travelled before then you probably know all about the last mile commute but if you haven’t then you might be surprised to find that your train or bus isn’t always going to take you to your destination, at least not all the way. Mass transit can get you close but as for actually getting to your final destination? You’re either going to need to hoof it or find some way to get there on your own. Adding a collapsible electric scooter to your arsenal might not be a bad idea.

Get Where you need to go with a Collapsible Electric Scooter

Collapsible electric scooters differ from the typical mobility scooter in many ways, mostly in the portability department. Collapsible scooters can be folded into a highly portable form which can be carried like a suitcase, making it perfect for your commute whether you’re going on vacation, heading out to see a friend, or heading to work. Let’s face it, once you’ve finished your commute you don’t want to walk a mile or two, and you probably don’t even want to mount a bicycle. A scooter on the other hand can get you where you need to go without causing a single bit of hassle.

Deploy it with Ease

Collapsible scooters are easy to deploy; they fold and unfold on a hinge with absolutely no tools required. All you need to do is grab your scooter and leave home; physics will do the rest. Lengthy battery life and a considerable weight capacity will ensure that the collapsible electric scooter is an outstanding option for anyone who doesn’t want to make that last mile walk.

Better for the Environment

Electric scooters are an outstanding way to not only get around, but to preserve the environment. The next time you think about hailing a cab or renting a car for that last mile, consider instead that an electric scooter doesn’t let off the same harmful emissions and most importantly, it’s not going to burn fossil fuels. Even more critical: it won’t burn a hole in your wallet every single time you want to use it. The initial expense can be heavy, but the long term benefits can’t be argued with. Traverse the last mile with ease and confidence – use a scooter.

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