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Choosing the Perfect Helmet for your Electric Scooter

Posted by Barshawn Lopez on

Electric scooters are still a fairly new and people are taken by surprise with how powerful and fast they can go once they actually ride one. That is all the more reason to protect yourself with a helmet when you're on one.  The laws for scooter helmets vary from state to state.  For example, in New York, you are not legally required to wear a helmet while riding motorized scooter unless you are under 14 years of age, but in Washington DC you are not obligated to wear a helmet at all.  Whether you are obligated or not, follow the guidelines below to find the right helmet for you or your loved ones. 

Size: Size is one of the main factors before buying a Helmet. All the Helmets are not similar sized.  Your best be is to test the size of the Helmet by trying it on you or your child.  Take a head measurement so that you can find a helmet that won't come loose and is the most comfortable.

Comfort: Speaking of comfort, padded and foam construction in the helmet ensure the comfort of child and adult alike. Vents are also are also good idea, but not as important since the scooter is electric powered and air circulation into the helmet isn't needed as much to keep the head cool.  It would play a factor if you are going to use the helmet for bike riding as well. 

Material:  Helmets are made mostly of hard plastic  which will provide greater protection.  Padded and foam construction into it to save the kid from any facial damage.

Adjustability: If the Helmet is loose, it will move around or fall off. If the Helmet is too tight, your kid will feel discomfort. So, you should buy the Helmet which will adjust to the head of rider as perfectly as possible.

Comfort: Padded and foam construction in the Helmet ensure the comfort of the kid. Vents are also equally important to provide air circulation into the Helmet which help the head of your kid to remain cool while riding on the scooter.

Strap: You must choose the Helmet which has straps which will attach the Helmet tightly to the head of the kid with no chance to fall down.

Price and warranty: Most of the Helmets are cheap and affordable. You will get a great Helmet within your budget. There are different types of warranty given by the manufacturers from 30 days to lifetime. Whatever the warranty, you should not buy a Helmet that doesn't come with a warranty. 


Wear Knee and Elbow Pads for Extra safety

Head injuries can be serious or worse, but broken or fractured bones are also the pits.  Get yourself a pair of knee and elbow pads is a really good idea for extra protection. The offer resistance to shocks and falls in addition to protecting limbs and joints. 


All in all we want you to enjoy your experience on an electric scooter whether it be for fun on the weekends or for your daily commute.  Be safe out there and relish the ride!


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