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5 Ways an Electric Scooter Can Save You Money

Posted by Barshawn Lopez on

You might initially think that scooters are expensive but they can save you a ton of money! Today we’re going to go over five ways that your new electric scooter can get you from place to place and keep your bank account full.

Your Scooter Runs on Electricity!

Scooters run on electricity rather than gasoline, meaning you aren’t going to be running to the gas station every day and filling up spare tanks. Instead, you simply need to check the battery level and plug in when you’re in the red. Your home has outlets and so do most of the stores that you will visit, making a recharge a very simple matter. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in fuel and you won’t have to wait in line!

The Purchase Cost can be Low

If you haven’t compared an electric scooter to the cost of a motorcycle or a moped then you probably haven’t seen the potential cost savings. Basic scooters can cost $100, and the more cutting edge models will be $400, but you can always locate deals that will drive the price down, saving you a fortune.

Scooters are Low Maintenance

Motorcycles and cars require massive amounts of maintenance. In fact, you could spend thousands of dollars on car repair, from check-ups, to oil top offs, tire rotations, and much more. Scooter owners on the other hand have things a bit easier. Many scooter owners, for example, gladly report owning their scooters for years without requiring any sort of maintenance.

Note: If you want to extend the life of your scooter, you should avoid running it on sand, rocks, or other uneven surfaces that could have a negative effect on the suspension.

Eliminating the Parking Fee

One of the greatest fears we have when leaving the house is having the spare change to cover the parking fee, but if you have an electric scooter it’s probably not something that you’ll have to worry about. Most buildings will allow riders to park their electric scooters for free, and many scooters are small enough to carry with you. There are some models that weigh under fifteen pounds, making them perfect for transportation whether you’re riding them or not.

Drive Without a License

On the subject of saving money, you can operate a scooter even if you don’t have a driver’s license. If you live in an apartment complex where all of the stores are practically within walking distance, this is going to save you a ton of time, money, and frustration. You can learn to ride your e-scooter at home or in a parking lot without worrying about license fees, and that makes it all worth it.

Electric scooters are a great investment that will serve you for many years to come. Take a look at all of the different models out there and see how they can meet your specific needs while saving you a ton of money.


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